What Can Hedge Trimmers Be Used For

What Can You Use Hedge Trimmers On?

One of the most versatile garden tools available today is the power hedge trimmer. Although their main purpose is to shear hedges and keep them in shape, one can use them for many other things apart from this. You will understand the full use of your hedge trimmer when you read this post till the very end. So, keep reading.

What Is Hedge Trimmer Made Specifically For?

As garden equipment, a hedge trimmer is often used to carry out such tasks as trimming, cutting and pruning of plants. Because hedge trimmers are of different types, sizes, and designs, buyers have the opportunity of choosing from a variety of options when shopping.

Hedge trimmers used to be mainly powered by gas. However, many of those available nowadays derive their power from electricity.

Can Hedge Trimmers Be Used to Cut Grass?

Can Hedge Trimmers Be Used to Cut Grass

Using a good hedge trimmer to clear your grass can be effective. This is especially so if you have a large area to cut since you’ll be able to successfully reduce the grass without having to go over each section again and again.

You should know, though, that if you’re dealing with short grasses that are often found in gardens and lawns, using this tool may not be easy. This is something you should consider if you do choose to cut using a trimmer. However, if you’re dealing with tall grasses like those found in fields then expect the task to be easy. Extendable hedge trimmers (like this) are suitable for cutting tall hedges. You’ll easily find a good quality extendable hedge trimmer by doing a little research online.

That said, you should always tidy up the area you’re about to cut before commencing the cutting. You don’t want any obstacles in the way of your hedge trimmer while it cuts because obstacles can easily break the machine.

Also, you must tie your hair securely to the back and wear clothes that fit tightly while covering up your whole body before starting the job. The machine can accidentally catch loose hair or clothing so prevent this as much as possible.

When you feel a need to bend, you can simply kneel instead, especially when you’re dealing with very short grasses. You will cut the grass more effectively when you keep the machine’s blade perfectly horizontal to the soil. Try as much as possible to not hit the soil with your trimmer’s blade. This can ruin the equipment.

Can Hedge Trimmers be Used to Cut Branches?

Since hedge trimmers are great for cutting hedges one will easily be tempted to use them on larger and thicker branches. However, trimmers are designed to cut only the tip of small branches and hedges. This means that they do not necessarily have enough power to tackle thick branches.

Hedge trimmers indeed have really sharp blades that can easily slice through many different things. This notwithstanding, using trimmers to cut branches, thick ones especially, can mean biting off more than you can chew as the tool may not be able to finish the job.

Instead of using a trimmer, you can a chainsaw which is made purposefully to handle thick branches. It is advised that you do not use your hedge trimmer to cut any branch that is more than 1/2 inch thick

Can You Use Hedge Trimmers to Cut Vines?

Hedge trimmers are great for cutting weeds but not vines. Vines are sturdier and much harder to slice through. There are, however, certain vines like the ones on plants like blackberry, that a trimmer can cut. Even so, most vines are tough and difficult to hold still when they’re being cut.

If you still want to use your hedge trimmer on vines, make sure to begin from the outer side of the vine’s clump. Then, you can gradually proceed by cutting only a couple of inches at once.

Moving your hedge cutter in a flowing motion from one side to the other will help you cut the vines more effectively. Do get rid of vines that have already been cut since you don’t want them getting in the way of your trimmer.

Can You Cut Brambles with A Hedge Trimmer?

Can You Cut Brambles with A Hedge Trimmer

Using a trimmer on brambles can be difficult. It all depends on how malleable the brambles are. Your tool can easily get entangled in the plant which can make both your machine and the plants even harder to handle. The best way is to cut small areas at one time. You may even need to cut the same spot multiple times to get the best result.

You need a powerful gas trimmer for this task. Ensure that its blade is very sharp. A cordless trimmer can only surface if it is of high quality.

Can Hedge Trimmers Be Used to Cut Bamboo?

Bamboos have a way of growing so rapidly that homeowners are caught unaware when they emerge. If you have these wooden stems around your home and wish to control them, a hedge trimmer may or may not be of use.

You will find a hedge trimmer very useful when you simply want to use the tool to trim the top of a bamboo plant. Bamboo tends to be sturdy and hard and one must be careful even while cutting tip, so one does not task the tool too much.

However. If you aim to use a hedge trimmer to remove bamboo completely from your land, it isn’t going to work. Hedge trimmers, though powerful, are not ideal for cutting such strong plants as bamboo.

Also, because bamboos are very thick, they often leave the same effects as a thick branch will leave on your trimmer. Plus, hedge trimmer blades are on the small side.

The thick wooden stems of a bamboo plant will overwhelm it. As such, the only part of bamboo that you can manage to use a trimmer on is the flexible and thin tip. Try your hedge trimmer on the much harder parts and the tool may even break.


As versatile as hedge trimmers are, they can’t do everything. Thankfully, there are many other garden equipment out there that can do all the things a hedge trimmer can’t do.

So, anytime you need to cut bamboo or thick branches, head to the store and get more befitting equipment.


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Lawn Mower Safety for Children and Families

Lawn Mower Safety For Children And Families

In the US alone, every year, over 800 children were run over by lawnmowers. 75% of these incidences led to amputation while seventy-five people lost their lives; one in five deaths involves a child. Over 20,000 people also got lawn mowers related injuries. These numbers go to show just how dangerous a lawnmower can be if necessary precautions are not taken to avoid these incidences.

Lawn Mower Safety For Children And Families

Below are crucial tips to take to ensure Lawn Mower Safety for Children and Families.

1. Make sure the children or pets stay indoors

Ensure that the children and even your pets are indoors or at a safe distance while mowing. To prevent them from sneaking out, get assistance from your partner or any other adult in the house to watch over them. While mowing, children could not only be hurt by the blades, but also by the flying debris. The blades can fire rocks or even sticks at bullet speed, causing significant injuries to anyone standing on the way.

2. Wear protective clothing

Do not wear flip flops or open shoes while mowing. Instead, wear closed shoes and long pants to protect your toes and legs from getting injured by any debris. You should also wear protective eyewear and hearing protection.

If you need kids lawn mower reviews then see Best Toy Lawn Mower UK.

3. Do not mow at night

At night, your vision is limited. It’s important to have a clear view of the area you are mowing to prevent any incidences that could lead to injuries.

4. Do not mow during bad weather

Bad weather such as rains and thunderstorms do not offer ideal conditions to mow. This is especially critical for electric lawn mowers because you risk getting electrocuted. Also, when the grass is wet, it tends to get slippery, and you could slip and fall, exposing the naked blades which could easily slice through human skin/ flesh like butter.

5. Never allow children to ride on your laps while mowing

It would be best if you never encouraged children to ride with you on the mower even when it is off. Accidents happen, and the child could easily trip over and land on the blades, causing severe injuries, some of which could be fatal.

6. Never allow the children to play with the lawnmower

Children are naturally curious, and they want to play with almost anything. However, it should be made clear from a tender age that a lawnmower is not a toy and at no point should they ever play with it. Even when it is off or broken, they should never come near it. To prevent this, store the lawnmower out of children’s reach at all times.

7. Do not unclog the mower while it’s still running

While mowing, sometimes grass and debris could get stuck in the lawnmower. To remove this grass, make sure you switch off the mower before you attempt unclogging it. You should also be careful not to get burnt by the exhaust. Lawnmower temperatures could reach up to 240 degrees Fahrenheit, and any contact could lead to severe burns.

8. Lookout for hills and sharp corners

Be extra careful while mowing on sloppy terrain and sharp turns. The lawnmower could trip over, causing an accident.

9. Remove toys and other visible debris before mowing

Before mowing, clear the area from any toys and any other visible items, including rocks and branches that could be lying around. Clearing the space reducing the risks of having flying debris, which could be equally dangerous.

10. Wait until the children are old enough before allowing them to mow

It is important to wait until your child is at the appropriate age before you could allow them to operate a lawnmower. The recommended age for a child to use a hand mower is 12 years. The age, however, goes up to 16 years for a ride on mower. The child should be strong, stable, and mature enough to operate a lawnmower comfortably.

11. Ensure to switch off the mower

After you are done mowing, do not forget to switch off the lawnmower before safely storing it away. If the mower is electric, do not forget to switch off the power source before disconnecting the cable.

Following the above precautions not only keep your children safe from accidents, but you also protect yourself. It is essential to follow the tips keenly to prevent any future incidences.

What is a HEPA Filtered Vacuum Cleaner

Home cleaning seems to be a difficult task to some, but an easy task to those who have chosen to make use of HEPA vacuum. The HEPA vacuum filter stands itself out from other vacuum types in terms of quality, design and performance.

It is effortless to use and serves a lot of purpose in the home. In this article, we shall be looking at what the HEPA vacuum is, how it works and the many uses it can serve.

What is a HEPA Filter?

hepa filters

The full form of HEPA is High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter, that’s designed to help people with allergy problems. It primarily works to remove dust & dirt properly and prevent spreading the dust particles throughout the home when cleaning with the vacuum.

When you are thinking of a vacuum filter that can deliver accurate cleaning results up to as much as taking away about 99% of dirt, then you should go for HEPA filter.

These vacuum filters have met the HEPA standards that are set by the Department of Energy in the United States. They came to the market sometimes in the 1940s when they were designed to be used to clean nuclear facilities. Since then up until now, they have established themselves as a filter that can remove pollutants. Using the HEPA vacuum filter comes with a lot of benefits as much as it is limited in some ways too.

Tips: Not every vacuum available in the market is allergy friendly. If you have asthma, utilizing a bagged vacuum for dust mite allergies is wise to pick. Just do your research before buying one.

How Does the HEPA Vacuum Filter Works?

The HEPA vacuum filter starts off by generating suction that pulls the dirt, dust or contaminant through the vacuum with a rotating brush. This brush is responsible for loosening particles from surfaces. The filtration system of HEPA is what prevents the vacuum from blowing the dirt or dust to other parts of the room.

How HEPA Filter Works

The HEPA vacuum filter is a very versatile one in that it is able to collect large & fine dust particles, pet hair, and large contaminants as well. It is also able to collect dust mites and smaller particles considering how slightly porous it is. This is the reason why HEPA vacuum filters are known to be better performing filters when compared to other types. The filters are as sealed as the exhaust that goes from the motor. Also, the HEPA vacuum cleaner has been so designed that despite its being well sealed, it still allows for air flow. Adequate air flows from the filter that makes it the best vacuum filter in the market today.

What Purpose Does the HEPA Vacuum Serve?

With several vacuums being used, it is essential to state that the HEPA vacuum is best for some specific purposes owing to its design for such purpose.

  • A situation where someone or people in the home have severe allergies

The HEPA vacuum can be used specifically to take away dirt, dust and mites as well as any other allergens from the house. . Although, it is advised that you should not rely entirely on the HEPA vacuum to take away allergens. It is best to be used alongside air purifiers as well. Make sure to clean your homes regularly as regular maintenance of the house also helps to keep the house free from allergens.

  • Removing Lead Dust

Lead dust is hazardous to the health as the US Department of Housing and Urban Development have it that they are responsible for specific health challenges. With the aid of HEPA vacuum, you are able to remove this lead dust from such home keeping you free from possible health challenges that may result from it.

  • Removing Mold From Homes

Removing molds from homes can prove to be a complicated task. However, with the use of a HEPA vacuum, this not only seems possible but also very effective. With the HEPA vacuum, water, as well as the contaminants, can be sucked from the home.

Do You Really Need To Get a HEPA Vacuum Filter?

Users many times feel that the HEPA vacuum filters don’t worth the hype. Trust me, they do and here are three reasons why you should get a HEPA Filter Vacuum. Read this buying guide– how to choose the best HEPA vacuum.

  • They come with properly designed seals that clean better than an average vacuum cleaner.
  • They are best also as a remediation plan provided all the steps needed to be followed are correctly followed.
  • They are the best vacuum options for everyone suffering from an allergy.
  • HEPA vacuum filters are no doubt a handy and useful tool. However, just like other vacuum types, they do not go well with asbestos basement.

House cleaning is a continuous task that requires different tools. To be sure you are saving yourself stress, time and some cost, you should go for the best device. One if such a device is the HEPA vacuum.

The Best Advantages of Cordless Power Tools (Updated 2020)

The Power tools are most required to workers that they help them to simplify their work.

Cutting wood, making holes into concrete, drilling, screwing and so on works can be done easily with the help of power tools.

There are several power tools available like Impact drill, circular saw, Oscillating Multi-tool, Reciprocating saw, Jigsaw and so on.

Click here to check differences between impact, hammer, drill drivers & power screwdrivers.

These are used for both residential and commercial works. The power tools are now updated and come with the benefit of cordless. They don’t require any cable connection to work.

There are several benefits with the Cordless Power tools that don’t require any wire connection.

These machines have inbuilt batteries that they can get power from these batteries. They are rechargeable and you need to charge them in electricity to use.

Once the batteries are fully charged you can plug and do works with the power tools. There are many benefits with the cordless power tools and here are some of them.

The Best Advantages of Cordless Power Tools

Top benefits you can get with Cordless Power Tools:


  • The Cordless power tools are easy to use and can take to any place. They don’t require any cable connection and hence you can work in different places with ease.


The battery power will have long usage of these devices. They give the same benefits you can get the corded power tools. Many people are choosing the cordless tools in the place of corded as they are easy to use.


  • These tools have lithium-ion rechargeable power batteries that you need to charge them to use.


They have good battery backup and can run for hours on a single charge. The tools will slow down and this is the indication of low charging in the tools. This portable battery backup of these machines makes more people to choose them for their benefits.


  • The Cordless power tools are increasing their importance and make life simple are using them.


They help the residential works to make their works simple and easy. The number of benefits with these tools makes the user choose them with their unique features. They are portable and can make use of them at any place and any time.


  • These tools are the advanced versions of corded power tools and include a lot of additional features in them. The professionals working on the no power place can make use of these machines as they have a lot of benefits with the cordless power tools.


Hence you can also give a try and use these devices in the no power place to get the same benefits.


  • The Cordless power tools are lighter and powerful than the corded tools. You can carry to any place that they feel lighter machines.


They are best used in the high-traffic areas and also they are safe to the workers. They will not see any laying cords in the job place and hence you will be safer to not fall into the trap of these cords.


Hence these are the top benefits you can get with the cordless power tools