How To Work Safely With A Miter Saw

Miter saw is an essential component of woodworking shops.  Not only it provides precise cuts for furniture joinery, but miter saw is used in many other woodworks.

A wide variety of miter saw are available, some of them just cut the wood downwards while the expensive ones come with an assembly of blade and motor that slides on its rail to increase the cutting capacity.

miter saw safety

However, if you do not operate this powerful tool with safety, proper care, and techniques, it can be dangerous and will not give you the desired results.

The Working Area

  1. Always keep the working area clean from clutters and make it as lit as possible. Easier to see, easier to cut, right?
  2. Make sure that there are no gas cylinders stored. A single spark from any power tool can start a fire.
  3. Keep the children away from the working place. Never start using a miter saw if there are kids around.
  4. Never leave the miter saw in a wet area or in raining conditions.

Safety Checks Before Using The Miter Saw

  1. Inspect the miter saw for any power getting to it and check for all the guards. If the lower guard needs cleaning, clean it before you start working on the miter saw.
  2. Check for the blade and its fasteners. Check if the blade is blunt and needs any adjustment or sharpening.
  3. Always use the default power cable and plug that came with the miter saw. Do not attach any other plug for your own convenience.

Use Safety Gears

Most of the accidents happen because the operator starts working without setting up the saw correctly. Or they try to cut small wood prices with their fingers too close to the blade. Other accidents occur because the operator thinks that they have complete control, but they have not and kickback happens.

To avoid such accidents, you should spend some time to set up the miter saw correctly according to the manual. To get ready for work, wear safety gears to make sure total protection.

  1. Safety Shades/googles. Even for making small cuts, you should wear protective shades. One small wood spec or a small amount of dust can damage the eyes.
  2. Ear Protection. Loud noises can make long term impacts on your hearing. So, it is recommended to use earplugs or hearing protectors to block high-frequency noise.
  3. Gloves. Thick gloves can avoid finger injuries that may occur if your hands are too close to the blade.

Apart from wearing safety equipment, you should also remove jewelry, loose clothes or any other dangling object.

Stability Is The Key

Lack of stability while using miter saw is one of the major causes of accidents. Miter saw must be used once it is clamped to a stand or bolted down to a bench. Whether you are using the miter saw temporarily or for longer durations, it is not supposed to be used out of the box.

Maintain Safe Distance

Try not to cut small pieces using the miter saw. You always have to maintain a six-inch distance between your fingers and the blade, which will not be possible if you are working on a small wood piece.

Other Safety Tips

  • Using the table guard. With every miter saw there is a table guard for good reasons. We have seen many contractors trying to remove it. But it is recommending, you should not tamper with the table guard at all. In fact, make sure it is working properly without making the blade blind. Also learn what are the best contractor table saw for your woodworking projects.
  • Wait for the blade. Once you complete the cut, release the trigger and wait for the blade to come at a complete halt before raising it.
  • Use support for long wood pieces. We have seen many accidents while cutting long pieces of wood. It is recommended to use a supporting table, table props or supporting stand with large wood pieces so that they do not fly upwards when the blade makes its cut.
  • Always use miter saw guard. We have seen many people removing the miter saw guard for clear visibility and for better depth. The guard is there only or your safety and you should never remove it.

Whenever you work with the miter saw, these mentioned tips should be a part of your routine. With these safety measures, you will lower the chances of injury and get complete satisfaction from your hard work.