A scroll saw is a tool that comes in really handing to contractors, carpenters, and hobbyists. But not many people know how to handle it rightly.

Learning to buy, use and maintain a scroll saw is highly rewarding. If you already own one and need expert advice on this power tool, you’ve come to the right place.

These scroll sawing tips are just for you!

Scroll Saw Techniques

  • Learners are to cut with a scroll saw at a very low speed. This prevents injury to both the user and the material being cut and is less complicated for the user to maneuver.
  • Understand how your blade cuts. Typically, blades tend to veer off to the right side. This is due to a thin ridge made when they’re stamped.
  • To maintain accuracy, ensure your eyes remain on a point 1⁄16 ” before the blade when cutting a curve.
  • No matter what, ensure that you follow the line. If you do go off the line a little, you need not worry. It may not be noticed.

Scroll Saw Safety Rules

  • When scroll sawing, debris, wood chips, and blade pieces tend to fly around. Guard your eyes against this dirt by wearing safety glasses.
  • When using a scroll saw you shouldn’t wear loose clothing. They can get entangled in the blade. Jewelry is also not allowed for the same reason. Ensure that you tie your hair or cover it up, especially if they are long.
  • Large quantities of dust are involved when one is using a scroll saw. Therefore, to keep the dirt in check, use a dust filter or a collector. Scroll saws come in models that work with shop vacuum hose attachments. They can be useful
  • It would help if you only had only a small collection of blades to make the best of your scroll saw. If you have thin #2/0, #2, and #5 blades in a skip-tooth style, you are good to go. The skip-tooth possesses long, flat gullet within the teeth.
  • Scroll saws work incredibly on Baltic birch plywood. Therefore, you can use this material for your scroll saw designs. Apart from the fact that this material has really good-looking edges, the likelihood of you running into voids, which is common in most plywood, is very low.
  • For your scroll sewing projects, you can get useful and downloadable patterns from different sources–Web sites, children coloring books, and computer software. Draw and cut the design out in plastic laminate to make it permanent.
  • To make excellent and detailed cuts, you can use a magnifier light. However, this light can sometimes be deceiving when you don’t pay careful attention. We advise that you choose a magnifier light with a fluorescent ring if you must use one.


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How About A Scroll Saw Buying Guide?

Are you buying a scroll saw for the first time? Then you must learn what to consider when buying a new one. If you are still unsure which scroll saw to buy or what are the best products in market you can do some research by searching online.

1. The Noise and Vibrations of The Tool: By paying attention to the noise and vibrations of the tool, you can tell how smoothly it’ll work. A scroll saw is not meant to be unbearable loud. However, they’re loud, especially when you’re already cutting. If you notice a normal sound progression, then your tool is probably working fine and will last. Do try to test the different speeds.

2. Cutting action: The 3 different arms cut differently. However, the C arm is the most aggressive speed-wise.

3. Location of the Controls: Since you’ll be using the tension as well as the on and off switch very often, it is only reasonable that you observe their location and decide whether or not they’re conveniently placed.

4. Blower: Blowers are meant to prevent dust from disturbing you by blowing them away. Can the blower of your scroll saw truly do this? Find out.

5. Blade-changing: When choosing, try to replace the blades many times to discover the feel and workings of the saw.

Using a scroll saw is not so hard if you’re careful and pay attention to details. If you’ve not even bought one yet now, you know how to. Now, go ahead and choose with confidence.

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