What Can Hedge Trimmers Be Used For

One of the most versatile garden tools available today is the power hedge trimmer. Although their main purpose is to shear hedges and keep them in shape, one can use them for many other things apart from this. You will understand the full use of your hedge trimmer when you read this post till the very end. So, keep reading.

What Is Hedge Trimmer Made Specifically For?

As garden equipment, a hedge trimmer is often used to carry out such tasks as trimming, cutting and pruning of plants. Because hedge trimmers are of different types, sizes, and designs, buyers have the opportunity of choosing from a variety of options when shopping.

Hedge trimmers used to be mainly powered by gas. However, many of those available nowadays derive their power from electricity.

Can Hedge Trimmers Be Used to Cut Grass?

Using a good hedge trimmer to clear your grass can be effective. This is especially so if you have a large area to cut since you’ll be able to successfully reduce the grass without having to go over each section again and again.

You should know, though, that if you’re dealing with short grasses that are often found in gardens and lawns, using this tool may not be easy. This is something you should consider if you do choose to cut using a trimmer. However, if you’re dealing with tall grasses like those found in fields then expect the task to be easy. Extendable hedge trimmers (like this) are suitable for cutting tall hedges. You’ll easily find a good quality extendable hedge trimmer by doing a little research online.

That said, you should always tidy up the area you’re about to cut before commencing the cutting. You don’t want any obstacles in the way of your hedge trimmer while it cuts because obstacles can easily break the machine.

Also, you must tie your hair securely to the back and wear clothes that fit tightly while covering up your whole body before starting the job. The machine can accidentally catch loose hair or clothing so prevent this as much as possible.

When you feel a need to bend, you can simply kneel instead, especially when you’re dealing with very short grasses. You will cut the grass more effectively when you keep the machine’s blade perfectly horizontal to the soil. Try as much as possible to not hit the soil with your trimmer’s blade. This can ruin the equipment.

Can Hedge Trimmers be Used to Cut Branches?

Since hedge trimmers are great for cutting hedges one will easily be tempted to use them on larger and thicker branches. However, trimmers are designed to cut only the tip of small branches and hedges. This means that they do not necessarily have enough power to tackle thick branches.

Hedge trimmers indeed have really sharp blades that can easily slice through many different things. This notwithstanding, using trimmers to cut branches, thick ones especially, can mean biting off more than you can chew as the tool may not be able to finish the job.

Instead of using a trimmer, you can a chainsaw which is made purposefully to handle thick branches. It is advised that you do not use your hedge trimmer to cut any branch that is more than 1/2 inch thick

Can You Use Hedge Trimmers to Cut Vines?

Hedge trimmers are great for cutting weeds but not vines. Vines are sturdier and much harder to slice through. There are, however, certain vines like the ones on plants like blackberry, that a trimmer can cut. Even so, most vines are tough and difficult to hold still when they’re being cut.

If you still want to use your hedge trimmer on vines, make sure to begin from the outer side of the vine’s clump. Then, you can gradually proceed by cutting only a couple of inches at once.

Moving your hedge cutter in a flowing motion from one side to the other will help you cut the vines more effectively. Do get rid of vines that have already been cut since you don’t want them getting in the way of your trimmer.

Can You Cut Brambles with A Hedge Trimmer?

Using a trimmer on brambles can be difficult. It all depends on how malleable the brambles are. Your tool can easily get entangled in the plant which can make both your machine and the plants even harder to handle. The best way is to cut small areas at one time. You may even need to cut the same spot multiple times to get the best result.

You need a powerful gas trimmer for this task. Ensure that its blade is very sharp. A cordless trimmer can only surface if it is of high quality.

Can Hedge Trimmers Be Used to Cut Bamboo?

Bamboos have a way of growing so rapidly that homeowners are caught unaware when they emerge. If you have these wooden stems around your home and wish to control them, a hedge trimmer may or may not be of use.

You will find a hedge trimmer very useful when you simply want to use the tool to trim the top of a bamboo plant. Bamboo tends to be sturdy and hard and one must be careful even while cutting tip, so one does not task the tool too much.

However. If you aim to use a hedge trimmer to remove bamboo completely from your land, it isn’t going to work. Hedge trimmers, though powerful, are not ideal for cutting such strong plants as bamboo.

Also, because bamboos are very thick, they often leave the same effects as a thick branch will leave on your trimmer. Plus, hedge trimmer blades are on the small side.

The thick wooden stems of a bamboo plant will overwhelm it. As such, the only part of bamboo that you can manage to use a trimmer on is the flexible and thin tip. Try your hedge trimmer on the much harder parts and the tool may even break.


As versatile as hedge trimmers are, they can’t do everything. Thankfully, there are many other garden equipment out there that can do all the things a hedge trimmer can’t do.

So, anytime you need to cut bamboo or thick branches, head to the store and get more befitting equipment.


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