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Home cleaning seems to be a difficult task to some, but an easy task to those who have chosen to make use of HEPA vacuum. The HEPA vacuum filter stands itself out from other vacuum types in terms of quality, design and performance.

It is effortless to use and serves a lot of purpose in the home. In this article, we shall be looking at what the HEPA vacuum is, how it works and the many uses it can serve.

What is a HEPA Filter?

The full form of HEPA is High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter, that’s designed to help people with allergy problems. It primarily works to remove dust & dirt properly and prevent spreading the dust particles throughout the home when cleaning with the vacuum.

When you are thinking of a vacuum filter that can deliver accurate cleaning results up to as much as taking away about 99% of dirt, then you should go for HEPA filter.

These vacuum filters have met the HEPA standards that are set by the Department of Energy in the United States. They came to the market sometimes in the 1940s when they were designed to be used to clean nuclear facilities. Since then up until now, they have established themselves as a filter that can remove pollutants. Using the HEPA vacuum filter comes with a lot of benefits as much as it is limited in some ways too.

Tips: Not every vacuum available in the market is allergy friendly. If you have asthma, utilizing a bagged vacuum for dust mite allergies is wise to pick. Just do your research before buying one.

How Does the HEPA Vacuum Filter Works?

The HEPA vacuum filter starts off by generating suction that pulls the dirt, dust or contaminant through the vacuum with a rotating brush. This brush is responsible for loosening particles from surfaces. The filtration system of HEPA is what prevents the vacuum from blowing the dirt or dust to other parts of the room.

The HEPA vacuum filter is a very versatile one in that it is able to collect large & fine dust particles, pet hair, and large contaminants as well. It is also able to collect dust mites and smaller particles considering how slightly porous it is. This is the reason why HEPA vacuum filters are known to be better performing filters when compared to other types. The filters are as sealed as the exhaust that goes from the motor. Also, the HEPA vacuum cleaner has been so designed that despite its being well sealed, it still allows for air flow. Adequate air flows from the filter that makes it the best vacuum filter in the market today.

What Purpose Does the HEPA Vacuum Serve?

With several vacuums being used, it is essential to state that the HEPA vacuum is best for some specific purposes owing to its design for such purpose.

  • A situation where someone or people in the home have severe allergies

The HEPA vacuum can be used specifically to take away dirt, dust and mites as well as any other allergens from the house. . Although, it is advised that you should not rely entirely on the HEPA vacuum to take away allergens. It is best to be used alongside air purifiers as well. Make sure to clean your homes regularly as regular maintenance of the house also helps to keep the house free from allergens.

  • Removing Lead Dust

Lead dust is hazardous to the health as the US Department of Housing and Urban Development have it that they are responsible for specific health challenges. With the aid of HEPA vacuum, you are able to remove this lead dust from such home keeping you free from possible health challenges that may result from it.

  • Removing Mold From Homes

Removing molds from homes can prove to be a complicated task. However, with the use of a HEPA vacuum, this not only seems possible but also very effective. With the HEPA vacuum, water, as well as the contaminants, can be sucked from the home.

Do You Really Need To Get a HEPA Vacuum Filter?

Users many times feel that the HEPA vacuum filters don’t worth the hype. Trust me, they do and here are three reasons why you should get a HEPA Filter Vacuum. Read this buying guide– how to choose the best HEPA vacuum.

  • They come with properly designed seals that clean better than an average vacuum cleaner.
  • They are best also as a remediation plan provided all the steps needed to be followed are correctly followed.
  • They are the best vacuum options for everyone suffering from an allergy.
  • HEPA vacuum filters are no doubt a handy and useful tool. However, just like other vacuum types, they do not go well with asbestos basement.

House cleaning is a continuous task that requires different tools. To be sure you are saving yourself stress, time and some cost, you should go for the best device. One if such a device is the HEPA vacuum.

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